Léon Ground Support Equipment
Léon Ground Support Equipment

AVIATIONERS is now offering a wide range of Léon Ground Support Equipment (GSE) for use with commercial aircraft and private jets 


Léon is a Swiss based brand for essential GSE products for commercial aircraft and private jets. Léon serves international airports and GSE markets aiming to deliver exceptional value for money for all aircraft ground support equipment.


Aviationers closely controls the quality of these products to ensure they meet and exceed international standards and specifications. Low maintenance costs and long unit lifetimes are core values for our products. Superior quality and efficiency make our GSE products highly cost-effective for operators.


Toilet service

Toilet service vehicles are used to quickly empty and refill aircraft lavatories. Before departure, the aircraft’s lavatory must be refilled with a mixture of water and disinfectants. Operational expenses can be minimised by the high functionality and fast operation of our units.


Water service

To deliver safe drinking water to an aircraft, our specialised water service units store filtered water to be delivered to aircraft as needed whilst enabling operators to service their aircraft in an efficient and hygienic manner.  Our units have long life-times and low maintenance costs


Air Stairs

Aircraft Air Stairs are important for both passengers and maintenance crews, providing a mobile means to board and deplane safely. Our Air Stairs come in a range of sizes, height adjustable and towable.


Ground Power Unit (GPU)

GPUs are mobile power units which supply power to parked aircraft. Some GPUs are built directly into the jet bridge. Aircraft power requirements vary with GPUs commonly providing either 28V DC, or 115V 400Hz AC supply. However, certain aircraft require more specialised power units. We offer a full range of GPUs for aircraft, including solid state, diesel, and gas powered variants.


Tow Bars

A tow hitch (or tow bar) is a device attached to the aircraft nose gear for towing during which an aircraft is pushed backwards away from an airport gate by external power. Pushbacks are carried out by special, low-profile vehicles called pushback tractors or tugs.


ULD Loader

Container loaders, also known as cargo loaders or "K Loaders", are used for the loading and unloading of containers and pallets into and out of aircraft. The loader has two platforms which raise and descend independently. The containers or pallets on the loader are moved with the help of built-in rollers or wheels. There are different types of container and pallet loaders available through Aviationers:

  • 3.5 T
  • 7 T (standard version, widebody, universal, high)
  • 14 T


Air Starter Unit (ASU)

An Air Start Unit (also known as a "start cart") is a device used to start an aircraft's engines when it is not equipped with an onboard APU, or the APU is not operational. Typically, one or two hoses are connected to these units, with larger aircraft engines requiring three.


Cooling/Heating Units | Pre-Conditioned Air (PCA) | Aircraft Cooling Unit (ACU)

As part of the fuel conservation programs of most airlines, pre-conditioned air is required at all airports. On-stand pre-conditioned air is provided to parked aircraft through a mobile unit that runs on diesel or electrical engines.


Pushback Tugs & Tractors

Specialised towing vehicles designed to push aircraft away from the gate or to move aircraft into and out of a hangar. Pushback tugs and tractors are necessarily very powerful machines and must be able to guide an aircraft around a hanger or airfield with precision. Depending on the size of the aircraft, more powerful and different-sized pushback tugs will be required. Our range of Pushback vehicles are available in petrol and electric powered formats and we cater to all aircraft types.


Belt loader – conveyor

These are vehicles with a conveyor belt design for easy loading and unloading of cargo and baggage from/to aircraft. We offer solutions for vehicle loading and unloading from gravity unloading conveyors (a motorised belt conveyor lorry loader) to fully powered telescopic boom conveyors. Our belt loaders can adapted to meet your needs.


Baggage Dollies / Baggage Carts

Wheeled pallet or container platforms for holding and transporting heavy objects or loose baggage such as crates, containers, cartons and mail amongst other items. No matter the size or amount of storage required for your cargo, we have a solution to ensure fast and efficient operations.

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