At AVIATIONERS, we understand that permits are required for a wide range of flight types and categories whilst being vitally important to operators that they are obtained in advance, with the shortest possible lead-times. Any problem with the permit for any part of a journey, can affect the entire flight and impact on important trips. For Civil Aviation Authorities, permit processing and fee collection is time consuming and costly when tracked manually. Complications can arise unexpectedly, especially given today’s ever-changing regulatory environment, coupled the volume of passenger information and the number of unique flight types and categories involved.


CAA24 is an online user-friendly platform aimed at assisting Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA’s) to process overflight and landing permits and to collect the resulting navigation charges from all operators (airlines, cargo operators, GA operators, etc).


Eliminate payment complications by introducing a single web-based gateway to quickly track and visualise accounts, fleet information, documents, billing information and additional data from one central portal. Our system allows users to streamline their permit processing and fee collections without delays, saving time to focus on results.


An online system which allows you to streamline flight permit processing and navigation charges from all operators



Benefits of CAA24:

- Accessible to all users (operators and trip planners) through assigned usernames and passwords. 

- Allows users to manage accounts, fleet information and documents, billing information and more.  

- Permit requests can be submitted online and will be verified and processed by the relevant CAA.

- Direct collection of permits and en-route air navigation fees.


Aside from being a powerful permit and navigation tool, with excellent added value for many CAAs in developing countries, the CAA24 portal also serves as a robust and organised database for aircraft, as well as for scheduled and non-scheduled flights.



CAA24 provides:

- Unique account profile

- Secure customer data

- Remote 24/7 access

- Live updates and notifications

- Automatic form population

- Robust database and account history

- No subscription fees

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